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Why choose Pitter-Patter Pet Care?

"We have had several pet sitters over the years and Beth, by far, is our favorite of them all! She is gentle and kind and so playful with our pets.

We never hesitate leaving town when Beth is our care giver!

Also, if you have a special needs animal (one that needs insulin perhaps) she is the best there is - and has helped us maintain a great quality of life for our pets.

We highly recommend Beth - we trust her with our pets and our home and you should too.” 
- Theresa, owner of 2 cats and one special cat who has since left us   

"Beth gives our three kitties top-notch care and they love having her come to visit them. In fact, we're convinced that, when they meet us at the door when we return, they are saying, ‘Oh, it's you. Where's Aunt Beth?’"
- Jo, owner of two fabulous cats

"Beth not only walks my dog, Lily, she helps with her transportation to doggy day care, feeding, and reinforces her training.

She has gone above & beyond her job description in finding a suitable collar for a run loving puppy but helped tremendously by taking Lily to the dog park for weekend exercise when I was temporarily immobilized after an injury.

She knows dogs and works hard to help take care of both my needs and Lily's. I have no hesitation in recommending her pet services." 
- Barb, proud mom of Lily, a rambunctious, but lovable Shepherd mix


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